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We made it!

30 Jul

At about 1:30 pm today (Monday) we reached the cathedral, 118 kilometers (71 miles) from where we took our first step in Sarria six days ago.

It’s been an amazing and emotional journey.

We’ll post some photos soon. For now we are famished and are looking for something to eat!



On our way to The Way!

24 Jul

As we ride the train to Sarria, we are treated to some beautiful scenery. In places it reminds me of Steamboat, Colorado, or near DeBeque, Colorado, with its wide, rocky rivers and scrub-oak covered mountains.

In other places the landscape looks like Sidney, Nebraska, with its high, broad plains covered with shorn hay.

I just finished a beautiful book about the Camino in which the author talks about how much the walk taught her. I’m excited to begin and find out what lessons are in store.

We will begin tomorrow morning on the feast day of St. James. How appropriate!