Reflections: Part One

31 Jul

There is so much to reflect upon now that we have completed this amazing journey. I think it may be weeks, months, even years before the full lessons of the Camino are apparent to us.

As those lessons occur to me, I will share them here.

The experience of walking the Camino was unlike anything I’ve witnessed in my lifetime: thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, traveling by foot, bike or horse anywhere between 100 and 400 miles on an ancient path that ends with a majestic cathedral, where they glorify God. Truly inspiring.

The aspect I was most looking forward to on the Camino was solitude — not necessarily silence — but a time when I could unplug from my hectic life and experience some sort of introspection.

I was equally excited for Caitlin and her friend to experience some quiet thinking time. Their generation grew up with so many distractions. I wanted to have them to understand what it’s like to devote time to thinking.

The Camino affords you not only time and relative quiet, but its natural beauty serves as inspiration to think deeply and reflect.

What a luxury to have six days of solitude. Of course, it was painful and hard. Each hill seemed like a mountain.

But looking back now, already those bad memories are fading, and the peace and exhilaration I experienced remains at the forefront.


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