Santiago, here we come!

29 Jul

We finished Day Five, so we’ll begin the last day in the morning! It’s truly hard to believe that we are so close — it has seemed so far away for so long.

On the fifth day I can make some pretty accurate generalizations about my body; namely, I completely wear out after nine miles. At that point, my feet feel like they are encased in brick, my legs feel as though they will give out at any minute and my back feels like it might snap.

But the Camino provides for the weary. Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, we entered a magnificent forest of towering eucalyptus trees. So I was able to carry on to the outskirts of Arca, where we are staying in a pastoral bed and breakfast.

Our total today was about 12 miles. Based on what we gather from talking to other pilgrims, our pace is at the low end. Most people go between 18 and 25. Yikes!

Bottom line: I know now that I can make it. After five days, what’s one more?

We’re told you can see Santiago for miles, which makes the day seem faster or longer, depending on your perspective. For some, seeing the goal too soon can make the journey more arduous; for others, seeing the goal spurs them quickly on.

The path has definitely become more crowded the closer we get to Santiago. Everyone seems to have an extra lift in their step, as the excitement builds.

On to Santiago!

The eucalyptus forest seemed to energize us all! Caitlin mugs for the camera.

Arzua in the distance, shrouded by early morning fog.


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