Blessed are the angels

28 Jul

On the Camino, it’s the little things that make a difference. A shoe tied a certain way. A shady stretch of trail. A backpack cinched just right. A path without rocks.

So when a small act of kindness or generosity comes our way, we are so thankful. We have encountered so many angels whose seemingly small deeds made a big difference for us. Here are a few (I’ll be adding more I’m sure):

  • The considerate woman in Pamplona who walked us to our hotel.
  • The sweet man who drove us from our bed and breakfast, Santa Marina, to the outskirts of Portomarin, saving us at least 3k on Day Two.
  • The inn keepers of Rectoral de Lestedo who packed us a breakfast because we wanted to leave early.
  • The people of Melide who planted trees on the outskirts of town.
  • A farmer who laid down hay on the trail after it had stormed the day before.
  • The man from Hotel Carlos 69 in Melide who left his customers in the bar and came upstairs to help us figure out the washing machine.
  • The owner of Casa Teodora in Arzua who delivered our heavy suitcases to the second floor so we wouldn’t have to drag them up after a day of walking.
  • Caroline and Callum at Frontier Holidays who set up our great schedule and wonderful accommodations.

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