No wi-fi for three days

27 Jul

A lot has happened since I last blogged. We’ve been on the Camino for three days!

I may need to catch you up slowly – and in snippets here and there.

I believe it was the night before we set off walking that we had a horrible realization: our route would take six days of walking and we had been thinking all along that it was to be five! One day might seem like much more, but believe me, it is.

Day One was very strenuous and very hot. It being our first day, we left at a leisurely 8:30 am, which meant we were still walking at the hottest part of the day. And we ran out of water the last 3 miles. Not good.

But as with all things on the Camino, the bad always is balanced with the good. Our hotel was charming, and we were treated to a delicious family-style dinner. We were ravenous and devoured it quickly!

Our room is on the right under the canopy. The courtyard was very beautiful and relaxing.

First course: rigatoni with Bolognese sauce and bread. Second course was pork cooked in a light tomato sauce and a salad. We ate on a patio that overlooked their bountiful garden.


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